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My work may seem exotic to  folks but most days I do the same thing as everyone else – stare at a computer screen, make calls and answer emails. Occasionally, a project comes along that is truly worth sharing.

Last week, I hosted the 3rd annual Music & Branding Summit for the top sunglass retailer in the world, Sunglass Hut.  (For more on my work with Sunglass Hut, check out my forthcoming book.) We spent a jam-packed, music-infused 2 days nestled in a tranquil space in Silverlake, Los Angeles. I presented a “Music and Branding” overview, excerpts from my book and a discussion of the “Iconography of Sunglasses.” Bryan Dyches gave a compelling presentation on “Trends in Retail Experience” while Ashley Columbus and Jason Bills of MOOD discussed the tools they use to select music for Sunglass Hut’s in-store music program.

The highlight of the summit was the “Music, Fashion & Branding” panel which included some of the most innovative minds in the industry: Tim Scanlin (Brandracket), Lindsay Harris and Julianne Johnson (Viva La Rock), Charissa Saverio (DJ Rap) and Valida (KCRW, Standard Hotel.) Each day wrapped with an exclusive music performance as LA indie rockers NO and Blondire stopped by, chatted and played intimate acoustic sets.

On top of all that, we got the VIP treatment from Indians who were performing at The Echo (thanks, Nabil!) The clients at Sunglass Hut found the 2-days to be educational, inspiring and a ton of fun – here’s looking ahead to next year!

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