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I’ve spent 15 years working with brands and music – since my beginnings in New York ad agencies to sync licensing houses like DeWolfe and Rumblefish to in-store music companies like Mood Media and The Playlist Generation.

So, I got together with a few colleagues and we wrote a book called “Hit Brands: How Music Builds Value For The World’s Smartest Brands” – you can get yourself a copy here.  The book details a lot of the work I’ve done helping brands connect with their customer through the strategic use of music. Read More

My work may seem exotic to  folks but most days I do the same thing as everyone else – stare at a computer screen, make calls and answer emails. Occasionally, a project comes along that is truly worth sharing.

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…when a song feels so good that you listen to it AGAIN…
…when a live music performance or movie soundtrack moves you to tears…
…when a beat makes you go just a little bit faster on your run……

These are the moments that make us human – a rush of emotion, a surge of joy, even a hint of melancholy.  These moments make us feel alive.

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And here it is, my 30 favorite songs from 2012.  Enjoy!

1.Alt-J – “Fitzpleasure” from “An Awesome Wave”
2.Frank Ocean – “Bad Religion” from “channel ORANGE (Explicit Version)”
3.Cat Power – “Ruin” from “Sun”
4.Tanlines – “Abby” from “Mixed Emotions”
5.Jhameel – “Shadow of a Man” from “Shadow of a Man”
6.The Knocks – “Learn to Fly” from “”
7.Lianne La Havas – “Forget” from “Is Your Love Enough”
8.Foxygen – “Make It Known” from “Take The Kids Off Broadway”
9.Django Django – “Hail Bop” from “Django Django”
10.Dive  – “How Long Have You Known?” from “Oshin ”
11.Savoir Adore – “Dreamers” from “1111…nixmix”
12.Beat Connection – “Think/Feel (feat. Chelsey Scheffe)” from “Single”
13.Ab-Soul – “Nibiru (Prod. by JMSN)” from “”
14.John Cale – “I Wanna Talk 2 U (feat. Danger Mouse)” from “Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood”
15.Cadence Weapon – “Conditioning” from “Hope In Dirt City”
16.Glowbug – “New Vinyl” from “EARMILK – The Indie Sabbath – Week 23”
17.Futurecop  – “The Only Way (feat. Keenhouse)” from “”
18.Eternal Summers – “Millions” from “Correct Behavior”
19.Major Lazer – “Get Free (feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors)” from “Single”
20.Bright Little Field – “Little Mascara (The Replacements cover)” from “Treatment Bound: A Ukulele Tribute To The Replacements”
21.Chairlift – “I Belong In Your Arms” from “Something”
22.Tim, Chad and Sherry – “Don’t Disturb This Groove” from “The Love I Make EP (TIRK081)”
23.Carousel – “Let’s Go Home” from “The Sound Of Summer”
24.The Shining – “(Tell Me) I’m Wrong ” from “Hey You! EP”
25.Human Don’t Be Angry – “1985” from “Human Don’t Be Angry”
26.Oh Minnows – “You’ll Never Know Us (COCOBONGO REMIX)” from “ThinkSync – Ideas for Skins Series 6 Nov 11”
27.Mark Lanegan Band – “Ode To Sad Disco” from “Blues Funeral”
28.Ice Choir – “I Want You Now And Always” from “Afar”
29.Birthmark – “Stuck” from “Antibodies”
30.Bobby Womack – “Stupid” from “The Bravest Man In The Universe”

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