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Richard’s first book is coming in April on Palgrave-MacMillan.

“Companies and agencies spend vast amounts of money to advertise and brand products and music has been an important part of this. This book assesses how from selecting sound and music for individual products and adverts many large companies have moved to develop a music strategy to align their brand and create emotional impact.”




Per Pitchfork, both Home Depot and Pizza Hut deny using music by the Black Keys in their recent ads.

The band is suing both brands for infringement.

Full article here.

I created a list of essential electronic singles from the 60s til today – figured I’d share it – enjoy!

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Another year and another 7,000 new songs to listen to.  After much analysis, here is my list of the 25 songs released in 2011 that were dominating my iPhone, my iTunes, my Spotify, my lists, etc.  Some great obscure new acts, some huge hits and a lot of in-between. Links below to hear the tracks individually on YouTube.  Enjoy!

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