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…when a song feels so good that you listen to it AGAIN…
…when a live music performance or movie soundtrack moves you to tears…
…when a beat makes you go just a little bit faster on your run……

These are the moments that make us human – a rush of emotion, a surge of joy, even a hint of melancholy.  These moments make us feel alive.

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Another year and another 7,000 new songs to listen to.  After much analysis, here is my list of the 25 songs released in 2011 that were dominating my iPhone, my iTunes, my Spotify, my lists, etc.  Some great obscure new acts, some huge hits and a lot of in-between. Links below to hear the tracks individually on YouTube.  Enjoy!

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So far, 2011 has been an invigorating and inspiring year and we wanted to share some of our recent work in music branding:

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Due to our work in music branding, we hear a lot of new music everyday – from the biggest pop acts to the most obscure bedroom recordings.  But every so often, a song really grabs us on a personal level and, as such, we would like to share with our our Top 30 Favorite Songs from this last year.

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