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Boston Herald has the whole story (announced yesterday at CES) but Lady Gaga will not be a spokesperson, she will be their new Creative Director.

Did a Marketing Director at Polaroid just lose their job to Lady Gaga?

Or is this just a substitute for “celebrity endorsement”?

Should we shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture?

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  • citizensound

    8:28 am - Sun, Jan, 2010 -

    All I am thinking about here is the process by which this happened…

    Did Polaroid come up with this themselves, did her Manager pitch this, or did a music marketing/PR/Advertising/Brand agency type pull this together.

    For you sake of humanity, I think the truth should be told. Can the person responsible please post the pitch document and rationale up on slideshare please…it will be so enlightening…

    Hilarious start to the year…

  • Ruth

    8:08 am - Mon, Jan, 2010 -

    Totally agree. Read the article twice and really struggled to make the connection between the two brands. I too would love to see the pitch rationale document and offer a job to whoever sold the idea. What a sales!!!

  • JD Morley

    3:23 pm - Fri, Jan, 2010 -

    No idea! It’s a mystery. Can anyone really imagine Lady Gaga with a “normal” job, attending weekly conference calls and filling out her timesheets? We wrote a blog on the same topic too! Check out “Can Lady Gaga Save Polaroid?”

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