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Ferrero Dome

We were asked by Ferrero Rocher to create a brand-appropriate playlist to soundtrack their traveling Rocher Dome event across Canada from November through December of 2014.  We delivered a professionally mixed collection of music that, in the words of their own brand ambassadors “was a great fit with our promotional video and kept the energy up at the event.”

Our process included a client workshop followed by a strategy/prototype deliverable. Once approved, we built out a 3-hour DJ-mix with quick transitions to keep the audience engaged. Our playlists focused on 4 key brand attributes and avoided Christmas music. The playlist was delivered to the client’s experiential marketing partner for use at the event and we also coordinated licensing with SOCAN, the Canadian music licensing body to ensure local compliance.

The music was designed partially to attract people to the dome as well as soundtracking the experience inside. We curated each song into 3 different categories that paired musical traits with brand traits. With a 10 minute wait and a 2 minute experience, our average audience member was going to be exposed to 12 minutes of music. Because of this, we created a mix that moved quickly, transitioning songs after 2 to 2-and-a-half minutes to maximize energy. For our cold, huddled masses waiting in line, we also wanted to ensure the presence of sing-along, dance-along moments frequently to get their blood flowing.

Ferrero Rocher Sample Mix by B(R)Ands Music Branding Group on Mixcloud



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