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KIA Motors was in need of a strategy to guide their Spotify channel. Spotify asked us to build a customized music workshop for KIA which we conducted with members of their agency and brand teams.

Since 2014, we’ve been providing these workshops to Spotify for their brand clients. It’s been a useful way of guiding playlist selection for brand channels on their service. We accomplish this through brand-led, customer-focused music strategy sessions. Our time-tested process:
• Ascertains the current state of the brand as well as aspirational goals
• Identifies strengths and points of difference from competition
• Articulates brand values, personality and passion which can live in music usage by the brand
• Identifies and understands target consumers
• Offers an efficient, objective process for evaluating sound and audio in branding/marketing initiatives

We delivered an Audio Identity to KIA which included their own branded playlist as well as clear direction for selecting music that is always on-brand and appropriate for their customers.


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