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Spotify is the king of streaming music in both the US and abroad. To strengthen their relationship with their brand clients who advertise on the service, they wanted to offer added value in the form of Music Branding Workshops.

Since 2014, we’ve been providing these workshops to Spotify for their brand clients. It’s been a useful way of guiding playlist selection for brand channels on their service. We accomplish this through brand-led, customer-focused music strategy sessions. Our time-tested process has been used with over 20 national brands and will:
– Ascertain the current state of the brand as well as aspirational goals
– Identify strengths and points of difference from competition
– Articulate brand values, personality and passion which can live in music usage by the brand
– Identify and understand target consumers
– Offer an efficient, objective process for evaluating sound and audio in branding/marketing initiatives

These workshops provide Spotify’s brand clients with a discernable sound unique to their brand and includes the following:
– Developed Branded Playlist on Spotify
– Audio Identity (Rationale/Discovery Analysis) – A document provides clear direction for selecting music that is always on-brand and appropriate for their customers.

Examples of Spotify channels directed by our work:




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