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What is it about the Swedes, the Danish, the Germans and the British?

Having been pioneers in music branding/sonic branding for years (see Martyn Ware and Sonic Identity, the work of North & Hargreaves, etc), they are continuing to lead the pack. In the last two weeks alone, some amazing thinking has poured out from our forward-thinking colleagues in Europe:

Audio Branding Congress – the first ever music/sonic branding conference took place last week in Hamburg.
– Social Music – Heartbeats International unveils a new study on Social Media and Music Branding.
– The sound of COP15 – a new sonic logo discussion with Nikolaj Abrahamsen from Sonic Branding.

Brilliant American companies like The Playlist Generation, HumIt, Elias Arts, Rumblefish and more are just starting to see traction of this idea in the States but we Yanks must keep moving the ball forward or risk falling behind.

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